2WL Episdoe 27- Joe Sullivan

2 White Lights
August 5, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, we had Joe Sullivan (@joesullivanpowerlifter) on the show to discuss his recent training, his “origin story”, how his mentality changed over the years, how powerlifting has helped his mental health, what he believes the most stupid debates are in powerlifting are, what legacy he wants to leave on the sport, "annoying things powerlifters say", "technique tip", and the Cohost Formerly Known as Enzo shares a story of the “ego boner” Joe have him when they first met (3:09-77:00). We finish off the show by giving some updates on future shows, potential giveaways, and future guests.

2 White Lights
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Hosted by Angelo Fortino and Steve DeNovi, 2 White Lights provides sports analysis , commentary, and meet coverage for powerlifting.