2WL Episode 10

2 White Lights
April 9, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, “The Fat Guy” is getting ready to compete at AAPF Nationals in South Carolina. We discuss our “2 White Lights Topic of the Week” (Favorite accessory movements for our main lifts) and we listen to our listener’s favorite accessory movements (12:48-58:23). “The Bad Guy” covers the “2 White Lights Question of the Week” on what mindset you should have during a meet (58:30 72:30). Bain has a “Technique Tip” on deadlift (turn up the volume) (72:35-75:35) and “Larry Wheels did Something” (75:45-80:25).

2 White Lights
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Hosted by Angelo Fortino and Steve DeNovi, 2 White Lights provides sports analysis , commentary, and meet coverage for powerlifting.