2WL Episode 24 - Garrett Fear

2 White Lights
July 15, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, the Cohost Formerly Known as Enzo and Bain316 give a training update (4:30-11:30). We had Garrett Fear (@garrettfear) come on the show to talk about his training under Sean Noriega (11:50-18:13), what the important qualities an effective coach should have (18:15-23:10), why the Cohost Formerly Known as Enzo wants Garrett as a coach (*lisps*) (23:12-28:45), how he got his start in powerlifting (28:52-45:52), his goals for “The Tribute, his DEEP admiration for John Haack, and his experience in the “Animal Cage” at the Arnold. (49:46-63:38). Garrett shares how he developed his technique for his “f***able” deadlift (63:42-69:29), his brutal honesty when it comes to squat depth and we pitch a segment idea to him (69:35-76:17). Garrett also gives us a “technique tip” (76:30-78:11), “most annoying things powerlifters say” (78:19-83:56), and we play “FMK” (84:00-93:57). We finish up the show by briefly talking about our 2 White Lights Topic of the Week: “RPE vs Percentage based training”.

2 White Lights
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