2WL Episode 64 - Nico Flores

2 White Lights
August 17, 2020
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, I interviewed USAPL 74 kg lifter Nico Flores (@nicoflores74kg). Nico discussed his he got into powerlifting/fitness, how his health dictated his powerlifting journey, and how/why he got involved in the social media aspect of powerlifting (2:20-8:56). Nico also shared how his journey as a coach started and if he has ever received criticisms for being a coach at the age of 22 (9:00-19:22). We had an interesting discussion on rehabbing injuries and how he approaches client rehab/injuries (19:30-21:20). Nico shared his future plans as a competitor and his desire to hit a 10x bw total (21:30-25:54). We discussed how an injury led to a disappointing Raw Nationals display and how it affected his mindset for future preps (26:03-29:04). Nico shared who his biggest inspirations are (29:03-31:09), whats one thing he'd change about powerlifting (31:17-49:30), and how powerlifting differs from baseball (49:33-60:52. We finished off the by playing the debut of our new segment "2 White Lights" (60:55-87:47).

2 White Lights
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