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2WL Episode 101- Frat Nats Recap (2021 USAPL Collegiate/Jr Nationals)

2 White Lights
April 14, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, Kyle Miller (@Kyle_projectstrength) recapped the 4 days of competition at USAPL Collegiate/Jr Nationals:- Impressive performance and top storylines (Celine Crum, Shane Nutt, Cassy Carlton, Isaac Whistler, and the battle between the top 105s) (6:30-44:45)- The several memes that took place (Kyle getting shoved off the platform, the 25kg squat mishap, and the commentary)(44:47-71:41)- Our defense of judging (71:45-94:56)- Angelo's hot take on young lifters and setting realistic expectations (95:00)

2 White Lights
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