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2WL Episode 114- USAPL Raw Nats Preview 1 (59-74kg men and 47-57kg females)

2 White Lights
May 28, 2021
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We are 3 weeks away from one of the biggest powerlifting meets of the year, USAPL Raw Nationals, so Steve "the oracle" DeNovi and I preview the 59 kg, 66 kg, and 74 kg male divisions along with the 47kg, 52kg, and 57 kg weight classes at Raw Nationals. We give our hot takes, predictions, and general rants on each weight class:- Notable dropouts, weight class changes, and additions (7:09-15:07)- 59 kg men (15:11-27:47)- 47 kg women (27:51-41:36)- 66 kg men (41:39-53:47)- 52 kg women (54:00-63:03)- 74 kg men (63:08-82:40)- 57 kg women (82:43)

2 White Lights
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