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2WL Episode 117- USAPL Raw Nationals Preview 3 (SHW- 120kg Men And 76 - 84+ Females)

2 White Lights
June 11, 2021
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On this episode of 2WL, we preview the SHW and 120 kg mens weight classes along with the 76kg, 84kg, and 84+kg divisions for USAPL Raw Nationals. We also provide some recent training updates from some of the lifters along with who we believe is going to be the best overall male/female lifters.- Training updates (6:16-13:00)- SHW (13:03-31:41)- 76kg women (31:42-42:17)- 120kg men (42:18-52:23)- 84 kg women (52:24-58:52)-84+ kg women (58:54-65:58)- Predictions for best overall male/female lifters (66:00)

2 White Lights
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