2WL Episode 127- Dennis Cornelius

2 White Lights
July 19, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, we had one of the best 120 kg lifters of all time, Dennis Cornelius (@denniscornelius500) on the program and we discussed:- His performance at USAPL Nationals (6:53-19:10)- How he tries to keep his motivation and if he'd ever change weight classes to face more competition (19:15-38:09)- His opinions on the upcoming pro meets in the USAPL and his distain for formals determining best overall lifters (38:10-80:00)- His thoughts on the USAPL and IPF (80:01-99:01)- Thoughts on how Ashton Rouska reminds him of himself and competing in untested feds(99:02-122:34)- And his thoughts on international competition (122:37)

2 White Lights
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