2WL Episode 129- Derek Thistlethwaite

2 White Lights
July 27, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, we sat down with a rising star in powerlifting and one of its best trash talkers, Derek Thistlethwaite (@deathgrip.derek) and we discussed:-Why he was disinvited from Showdown, Breath belt fallout, and his opinions on Joe Sullivan (6:52-26:50)- Derek and Steve educate Angelo on the Breath belt (26:53-36:30)- His various "beefs" with other powerlifters including the "French Phenom" (36:33-46:20)- Steve asks Derek of his background in powerlifting, early success at 21, Derek explains the value of bodybuilding in powerlifting, and his online "heel" persona (46:22-66:02)- We play "word association" (66:04-78:56)- Derek gives his "lifter rating" (78:58-90:22)- We discuss wilks, ranking, formulas, and of course Derek talks some more shit (90:24)

2 White Lights
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