2WL Episode 134- Zac & Josh from Data Driven Strength

2 White Lights
August 30, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, we were joined by Zac Robinson and Josh Pelland (@zac.datadrivenstrength & @josh.datadrivenstrength) and we had ourselves a very informative conversation on programming/coaching and took a deep dive on:- Their backgrounds and how they got into coaching powerlifting (5:24-25:00)- Sub maximal training (25:00-32:00)- Junk Volume (32:00-39:00)- Static rep counts (39:00-49:00)- Distance traveled (49:00-54:00)- Elements of data tracking (54:00-59:00)- Potential developments in programming in the next 5 years (59:00-74:00)- Coaching "hot takes" (74:00)

2 White Lights
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