2WL Episode 135- Ben Rice

2 White Lights
September 4, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, we had on the program the powerlifting king of Twitch, Ben Rice (@benrice_plg). While everyone was arguing about the USAPL/IPF, Ben was apart of one of the highest viewed powerlifting meets of all time (Twitch Rivals) over the past week and we discussed that along with:- His background in powerlifting, Twitch, and his experiences with that platform (5:26-24:00)- Ben describes his idea of "powerlifting entertainment" and his thoughts on the pro series (24:01-36:21)- Ben talks about his experience with "Twitch Rivals" and how this can reach a whole new community of powerlifters (36:22- 63:00)- Ben describes his future goals with powerlifting (63:01-76:09)- And we finish off with his "lifter rating" (76:11)-

2 White Lights
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