2WL Episode 136- Late USAPL/IPF Takes with Sean Noriega

2 White Lights
September 10, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, we had one of our unofficial cohosts on to discuss the fallout between the USAPL/IPF and why he believes the USAPL will eventually benefit in the long run as we discuss:- Lifters jumping to the USVI- Lifters withdrawing from the Virginia Pro- A potential lack of competition at future USVI/IPF meets- Longevity of a Pro Series compared to Sheffield - Whether or not its unethical for the USAPL to block a potential IPF affiliate in the US- Nationals being scheduled the same time as IPF Worlds - And what scenarios would force us to join a IPF affiliate in the US

2 White Lights
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