2WL Episode 21-Skyler Brandt

2 White Lights
June 24, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, we cover Kyrsztof Wierzbicki (@mr.deadlift) breaking the ATWR deadlift with a 953 lbs. pull at 216 lbs. (4:57-11:08) and the return of a few powerlifters to the platform (11:10-16:48). We had an interview with the teen ATWR total holder Skyler Brandt (@themichiganmonster) and we talk about his origin story, his all-time performance at APF Nationals, the adjustments he has to make for Big Dogs, getting trained under the Lilliebridge’s, and his use of gear (16:54-69:30). 2 White Lights discussed supplements powerlifters take and the Cohost Formerly Known as Enzo rants on the one question he hates.

2 White Lights
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