2WL Episode 22- Sean Noriega

2 White Lights
July 1, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, the Co-host Formerly Known as Enzo is flying solo but he had an interview with the #2 USPL powerlifter (but #1 in our hearts) Sean Noriega (@hamstringpapi) (2:36-). In this interview we discussed Sean’s unfortunate accident with the “pitshark” (3:00-8:37), his “origin story” (8:46-17:01), how he teamed up with Joey Flex (17:03-23:05), how he created his unique technique (23:32-28:46), his methods while instructing his clients while coaching (29:51-39:56), his current prep for Raw Nationals (42:00-50:45), his feeling towards not competing at IPF Worlds (51:10-58:56), what he believes the most annoying things powerlifters say (59:04-69:12), we play “FMK” on a wide variety of topics (69:24-84:28), and we discuss a possible “table read” when he comes out to Chicago (84:36-88:53). “Larry Wheels did Something” and it’s unfortunate (89:15-90:00) and the Co-host Formerly Known as Enzo goes on IG Live to finish up the show.

2 White Lights
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