2WL Episode 23 - Dawson Windham

2 White Lights
July 8, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, the Cohost Formerly Known as Enzo recaps Ashton “The Prophecy” Rouska (@ashh117) epic 1984 lbs. total performance at USAPL’s Powerfest in the 231-weight class (3:08-5:45). We discuss another example of the disconnect between regular society and strength society by discussing Myles Garett’s (DE for the Cleveland Browns) 675 “squat” that was ripped apart on social media (5:48-13:36). 21-year-old, 105kg USAPL lifter, Dawson Windham (@dawsonwindham) also joined the show to discuss his “origin story”, his upcoming meet in Costa Rica, his past meet performances, his programming/nutrition, overall goals in the sport, he provides a “technique tip” on bench, rants on his hate of random questions, and gives his views on RPE vs percentage based training (14:12-63:28). The Cohost Formerly Known as Enzo gives his opinion on RPE vs percentage based training and “Misogynistic Trash Talkers”.

2 White Lights
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