2WL Episode 26 - Ben Poore

2 White Lights
July 29, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights………… “Larry Wheels did something”….yikes (1:45-18:00). We recap a few meets that happened in Illinois over the weekend (Rockwell/Summer Bash) (18:26-33:50). Ben Poore (@ben.poore) came on the show for an interview to discuss his “origin story”, his performance at Colligate Nationals, changes he’s making to his program for Raw Nats, training at Indy City Barbell, lifters he admires, and his future goals as a powerlifter (34:20- 68:47). We finish off with the 2 White Lights Topic of the –“RPE vs percentage based training.

2 White Lights
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Hosted by Angelo Fortino and Steve DeNovi, 2 White Lights provides sports analysis , commentary, and meet coverage for powerlifting.