2WL Episode 28 p.1 - Brandon Franklin

2 White Lights
August 8, 2019
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Here is an extra-long, bonus episode of 2 White Lights featuring Brandon “Frank Daddy” Franklin (@Frankdaddy29) and Matt Wallace (@mattwallace148)! For the first installation of this episode, we interview Brandon Franklin and we debate on who has the better hair (3:09-6:30), how he got his start in fitness/powerlifting (7:00-10:48), if he believes his ventures in powerlifting neglects his accomplishments as a competitor (11:16-17:00). We also get his thoughts on “The Tribute” along with his favorite moments (17:15-29:37), if he believes more natural lifters will start joining non-tested federations (29:39-40:46), his thoughts on Pioneer not being a part of “The Tribute” in 2020 (41:46-45:47), how future meets should be organized (46:15-57:00). We finish off the interview by playing “FMK” (This was an extremely intense segment for Frank Daddy) (58:00-68:22), and “annoying things powerlifters say” (68:48-75:47).

2 White Lights
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