2WL Episode 29- Austin Perkins

2 White Lights
August 12, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, we interviewed IPF Collegiate Cup World Champion Austin Perkins (@perkstrong74kg) to discuss how he got his start into lifting and how it differs from other sports he has played (4:59-10:25), his most recent triumph at IPF Collegiate Cup in Estonia and going full send on deadlift (10:31-20:45). Austin discusses his experience as a single-ply and raw lifter, and if he will switch federations at a point in his career (22:52-25:55). We discuss Nationals and his feelings towards facing an all-time great (Taylor Atwood) in the 74kg weight class and how people try to bait trash talk between lifters (25:59-30:30). Austin discusses his experience with high bar and low bar squatting (30:37-34:28) and the biggest mistake he sees young lifters make (34:30-41:46). We also ask “most annoying things powerlifters say” (41:50-52:24) and Austin gives us a “technique tip” (52:30-54:06). We finish the show off talking about future show topics and other developments around powerlifting.

2 White Lights
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