2WL Episode 3- Charlie Binkley

2 White Lights
February 19, 2019
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he Cohost Formerly Known as Enzo has a master plan on how to break records at meets (1:00-8:50). Bain gives us a “Swole Sarah Watch”, 2WL recaps the protested USAPL Minnesota state meet, and “The Bad Guy” goes on an angry rant (9:05-23:06). We recap the highly scrutinized Battle of the Bay with our guest Charlie Binkley. 2WL discussed with Charlie why he’s back in Illinois, the issues he had with USPA Battle of the Bay, why things reached a boiling point, his ban from USPA Florida, if he regrets his actions, and what he believes to be the most annoying thing powerlifters say (30:51-80:09). 2WL discusses the 2 White Lights topic of the week- “What’s the most annoying thing powerlifters/strength athletes say” (83:35-125:31).

2 White Lights
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