2WL Episode 31- Carson Allen

2 White Lights
August 26, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, we give you an extra-long episode that features former guests Sean Noriega (@hamstringpapi) and Matt Wallace (@mattwallace148) on to discuss the 2 White Lights Topic of the Week- “Thoughts and Opinions on WPO being broadcasted on ESPN” (Sean 2:19-46:24) (Matt 91:36-124:16). We also had one of the top 83kg lifters in the USAPL on, Carson Allen (@dallenpower) to discuss his origin story, his comeback after his injury at the Arnold, if he feels he’s “underrated”, his prep for USAPL Raw Nats, his goals for Raw Nats, “annoying things powerlifters say”, “technique tip”, and “FMK” (46:28-91:28).

2 White Lights
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