2WL Episode 33 -Yangsu "Yu-yu" Ren

2 White Lights
September 16, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, I find out that I won’t get to see the bright lights of primetime (sad face emoji) and I interviewed an all-time record holder in drug free deadlifting, Yangsu Ren (@deadlift_panda). Yangsu Ren talk about why he decided not to do Raw Nationals, his “origin story”, his massive surge in his deadlift, the surprising hate he’s been receiving on social media, his educational background, his willingness to share knowledge on social media, his powerlifting goals in 2020, I attempt to convince Yangsu to do a deadlift only meet with me, he gives us a “technique tip” on deadlifts, and we play some word association (5:40-85:27).

2 White Lights
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