2WL Episode 63 - Tim Thebodeau

2 White Lights
August 10, 2020
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, I had on the show USAPL 74&83kg lifter, Tim Thebodeau (@timthebodeau) to discuss how he got his start in powerlifting and how that led to his YouTube and Twitch channels (3:05-14:23). Tim shared his one piece of advice he'd give young lifters (14:30-26:03). We also discussed the current state of powerlifting (26:05-49:15) along with who he admires in the sport of powerlifting (49:17-63:49). Tim also discussed what he'd like his legacy to be in the sport and he also shares some interesting new developments in his powerlifting career (63:52-70:54). We also play "word association" (71:01-86:52).

2 White Lights
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