2WL Episode 65- Daniella Melo

2 White Lights
August 23, 2020
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, I had one of the best lifters in the world, Daniella Melo (@daniellamelo) on the show to discuss the potential of there being a 76kg female division in USAPL/IPF ( 1:00-4:30, how she got her start in powerlifting/fitness (4:40-10:15), and how that acted as a confidence booster for her (10:17-15:47). Dani also rated her competitiveness (15:50-21:00), her epic battle with Amanda Lawrence at IPF Worlds in 2019 (21:00-24:30), and if she has any future meets planned (24:40-28:24). We also discussed powerlifting "pet peeves and we spent a good portion of that talking about loose buttholes (29:15-48:45). Dani shared what she'd like her legacy to be and how she has almost accomplished that (49:00-56:30) and we played "word association" (56:30-62:45).

2 White Lights
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