2WL Episode 7

2 White Lights
March 18, 2019
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, The Bad Guy and The Fat Guy recap the historic performance by Stefi Cohen and Dylan Hellriegel at “The Arnold Australia” (7:39-14:25). The Co Host Formerly Known as Enzo previews his upcoming meet and his recent technique struggles (14:32-25:35). 2 White Lights gives their takes and the listeners takes on if powerlifting is a team sport (23:40-67:18). We have a “Larry Wheels did Something” for you (67:21-67:34). Bain316 gives us a “Technique tip of the Week” (67:38-71:22).

2 White Lights
The Powerlifter's Podcast

Hosted by Angelo Fortino and Steve DeNovi, 2 White Lights provides sports analysis , commentary, and meet coverage for powerlifting.