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2WL Episode 86- Joe Stanek and Texas Strength Classic Preview

2 White Lights
February 18, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, Joe Stanek joins us to discuss his candidacy to become the USAPL "athlete rep". Joe explains the importance of this role, what it exactly is, how it can be used to communicate the issues lifters have with the executive board, and why he is the right person for the athlete rep position. Joe also shares his opinions on the Nationals selection criteria, lifetime memberships, and the USAPLs media rights. We also discuss the USAPL taking the IPF to court and Joe gives his "coacher rating" (7:56-91:08). We also give our preview of the Texas Strength Classic primetime session and discuss the main story lines such as: Sean Noriega going for am AR total at 83kg, Ashton Rouska pushing the GL points higher, the teen sensations, and all the records that could be broken next weekend (91:20-147:00).

2 White Lights
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