2WL Episode 87 - Sean Mills and Grant Ivarson

2 White Lights
February 22, 2021
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On this episode of 2 Whiter Lights, I was joined by two teen phenoms Sean Mills (@wheeze) and Grant Ivarson (@grantivarson) and we discussed:- Their goals for Collegiate/Jr Nationals (5:45-15:31)- They explain why they are in powerlifting for the long run (15:33-32:23)- They explain what a "Flexx 8" is (15:35-37:09)- Both explain where they see themselves in 3-5 years (37:11-48:28)- Being "Flexx bois" Grant and Wheeze describe their friendly rivalry (48:31-56:46)- They tell the story of the "Micheal Mills Situation" (56:48-74:57)- I kick Wheeze from the podcast (75:00-77:53)- And the both give themselves a "lifter rating" (77:56)

2 White Lights
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