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2WL Episode 88- Hybrid Showdown recap, powerlifting logo, and our rebuttal to Russ

2 White Lights
February 25, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, Steve Denovi and I discuss:- The Hybrid Showdown recap- Haack (@bilbo_swaggins181) vs Bell (@debell_74) (6: 12-21:57)- Jawon (@the104th_avenger) vs Micah (@Micah_Marino)(21:59-26:36)- Shane Hunt (@huntpowerlifting) vs Brandon Striegel(@brandon_striegel) (26:37- 30:00)- Jamal Browner (@jamal_b15) masterclass performance (30:02-36:05)- Chad Penson (@kingpensonlifts) being one of the most underrated lifters in the game right now (36:08-44:56)- Brianny Terry's dominance (@briannyt) (44:58-48:38)- The livestream issue (48:41-54:46)- The phantom start command for Julius Maddox's 782 lbs bench press (54:51-73:42)- 2WL topic of the week "who should be on the logo of powerlifting" (73:45-86:44)- Our rebuttal to Russ Orhii's YouTube video on Raw Nats (86:48)

2 White Lights
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