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2WL Episode 89- Kyle Miller/Texas Strength Classic Recap

2 White Lights
March 1, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, Kyle Miller (@Kyle_projectstrength) joined us to recap the Texas Strength Classic PT session:- Sean Noriega builds momentum (@hamstringpapi) (7:02-31:21)- Ashton Rouska casually totals 938kg (@wreck_it_rouska) (31:24-41:47)- Teen phenoms (@aidanroeder and @luckylifts)(41:50-54:26)- Ian Bell's single ply brilliance (@iandeadlifts) (54:29-58:01)- Gregory Johnson 93kg debut (@maroonroo)(58:03-62:49)- Surprising storylines (@lee_girth, @anasanbar, @Jeff_thompson_74kg, and @Jesus_deadlifts) (62:52-75:32)- TSS running a brilliant meet, the livestream, and the future of primetime (75:35)

2 White Lights
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