2WL Episode 90- Austin Perkins

2 White Lights
March 4, 2021
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On this episode of 2WL, we had one of the best young lifters in powerlifting Austin Perkins (@perkstrong74kg) on the show to discuss- The great debate on whether or not he believes he is "underrated" (5:57-19:20)- We discuss who we believe are a few underrated lifters (19:23- 33:45)- The 74 kg division since the last time he appeared on 2WL (34:15-38:30)- His 800 kg performance in November (38:35-46:45)- Possibly going 2k in single ply (47:00-64:14)- And Perk gives his "2WL Lifter Rating" (64:23)

2 White Lights
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