2WL Episode 91- Jawon Garrison

2 White Lights
March 8, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights, we had one of the best 82.5 kg lifters in the world, Jawon Garrison (@the104th_avenger) to discuss:- His performance at Hybrid Showdown where he totaled 877kg (1933 lbs) (5:45-22:45)- Why he doesn't do USAPL meets and if he will do USAPL meets in the future (22:53-29:37)- His background in lifting and his quick success in the sport (29:45-34:22)- Lifters he's admired and has shared the platform with (34:26-46:21)- His goals for the Showdown Meet and his future goals (46:28-54:00)- We discuss his 2WL Lifter Rating (54:03-69:22)- And we play "Word Association" (69:48)

2 White Lights
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