2WL Episode 92- Raw Nationals Roster and The Showdown unites

2 White Lights
March 11, 2021
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On this episode of 2 White Lights Steve DeNovi is BACK!!!! And we:- Give a not so cynical view on the 2021 Raw Nationals roster (7:40-13:58)- The 69/76 kg females being one of the most intriguing weight classes to watch out for (14:03-25:20)- The Arnold being canceled and how that may lead to more primetime meets (25:23-30:07)- The Showdown inviting a few USAPL/IPF elites, how thats a uniting, factor in the sport, why lifters aren't motivated to do IPF Worlds, and some of the potential issues tested lifters may face (suspension/sponsors) if they start doing untested meets (30:09-62:43)- Why money meets aren't always the best meets (62:47)

2 White Lights
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