2WL Episode 99- 2WL March Madness (Final 4) and a Controversial IPF Rule Change

2 White Lights
April 8, 2021
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On this Episode of 2 White Lights we continue the March Madness with our Final 4 Matchups:- #1 Amanda Lawrence vs #2 Bonica Brown (7:37-28:04)- #1 Ashton Rouska vs #2 Russel Orhii (28:06-41:07)- #1 Heather Connor vs #2 Daniella Melo (41:17-65:00)- #1 Taylor Atwood vs #3 Dennis Cornelius (65:05-79:21)Steve also breaks down the IPF rule change that could have major implications for IPF/USAPL lifters (80:00)

2 White Lights
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